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Quality Control

To enable distribution and manufacturing oriented businesses, CPI Quality Control module will help you automate the quality control processes and tests for serialized, lot or batch tracked inventory items as well as for non-inventory items such as environmental or laboratory metrics. CPI QA/QC is fully equipped with all the resources required to comply with International Standards and Customer Requirements. CPI is accredited by TUV Nord for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certification for quality management and environmental systems. Also successfully undergone audits and product testing and acquired product approval from FM 1614 and NSF/ANSI 61.

The main actions in order to provide control in quality are :

Receipt of Materials and Services

Materials received by CPI shall be subjected to the incoming inspection as per the approved inspection & test plans and procedures as applicable which include raw material, Ancillaries and customer properties. Inspection will verify and accomplish the following: The amount received against the quantity ordered, Visual inspection for damage in shipment or handling, Chemical analysis, physical properties, compliance to certificates and Dimensions Checks.

In Process Controls

All the in process checks are carried out as per customer approved manufacturing and inspection Test plans and procedures for each stage of manufacturing. All work is being performed by qualified Forman’s and supervised 100% by trained and well experienced supervisors. Additionally being monitored by the dedicated process controllers. The shop process real time data is being recorded in the birth certificate for each item being produced are the medium for setting up manufacturing operations in consecutive sequence and for establishing the points of inspection within a group of operations. With the process sheet, the drawings, specifications an applicable SOP’s, the QC process controller will inspect the work at various pre-determined points of manufacture. Suitable corrective and preventive action being ensured as the outcome of failure analysis if any.

Final Quality Inspection

Upon completion of item, being inspected with a frequency of 100 % product sampling for visual and dimensional checks. Critical dimensions, mechanical properties, STHP test, LOI test and Tg tests are being performed lot wise as per the required specification and applicable ITP.

Storage and Shipping

All handling, packaging, and packing will be performed as per applicable standards in such a manner as to protect the manufactured items while in loading, unloading, storage and during transit as specified by the purchase order and approved method statements.