Al Taie Building (1st floor), AlQurum, Sultanate of Oman
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Composite Pipes Industry, since it was established in 1997, has developed to become among the leading companies in the oil and gas sector participating in the economic development in the Sultanate, being responsible to channelize the flow of oil and gas distribution network in Oman through its indigenously manufactured fibreglass pipes. Composite Pipes industry is proud to achieve a very high market share in the Sultanate through its high quality products and 24×7 service rendering team. It has its clientele in Oil and Gas Production, power and desalination plants, heavy and light industries and petrochemicals in addition to exporting to GCC, Africa and South East Asia. In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency. Composite Pipes Industry aims to grow and expand its activities and responsibilities to help in the management and development of the Oil and gas sector in the upstream production and midstream transportation to downstream industries. The Company is proud to exceed Omanisation level with some young native minds playing key roles in the manufacturing base. As we look to the years ahead we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations, adopt better management and manufacturing techniques and successfully overcome all challenges before us. We welcome you to our redesigned as well as redefined presence on the World Wide Web and hope you will find it useful to navigate through to learn more about us, our activities and services in order to help you achieve / maintain higher quality systems for your business.
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Saif Bin Hashil Al-Maskery