The global pipe market is growing rapidly, driven by a constant demand for pipe. However, the fiberglass pipe market has been expanding at an even higher rate as end-users for pipe systems realise that fiberglass is the material of choice. With pipe integrity becoming an all the more important issue in the oil and gas sector, fibreglass plays a major role for future of pipe industry.

The Pipe Industry

The world needs pipe to survive and as the world grows, both in terms of population and infrastructure, so does the demand for pipe.

The Fiberglass Advantage

Fiberglass possesses certain physical qualities, enabling it to provide a superior specification for pipe systems to traditionally used materials.

Over the past five decades, fiberglass technology has evolved to produce a material which today offers a superior alternative specification for pipe systems to traditionally used pipe materials.

What is a Fiberglass Pipe?

Fiberglass pipes include Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes, Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes and Glass Reinforced Vinylester (GRV) pipes.

What makes Fiberglass the material of choice?

Since the 1970s, fiberglass technology has evolved to enable fiberglass to be used as either the pipe material of choice or a feasible alternative for certain applications and across all end-markets, except gas transmission.

Fiberglass possesses certain physical qualities which we believe make it a superior alternative to traditionally used pipe materials.

The Competitive Attributes of Fiberglass

Leading the Fiberglass Revolution

CPI is a leader in the fiberglass pipe industry and is driving conversion to fiberglass pipe systems