Working with a quality system is a matter of course for CPI. Rigorous quality controls and in-house testing facilities provided by CPI proved to be a valuable asset for our customers.

The various mechanical, rheological, thermo-analytical and short/long- term tests carried out at CPI gives total confidence to our customers towards product quality. Quality control lab at CPI is well equipped to carry out the tests and analysis is accordance with international standards on raw materials finished products and ancillaries.

These tests include:

International Standard
Qualification Test
Long Term Regression Test
ASTM D 2992
Product Sector Qualification / 1000 hrs. Test
ASTM D 1598
Flange Qualification Test
ASTM D 4024
Beam Deflection Test
ASTM D 2925
Collapse Pressure Test
ASTM D 2924
Quality Control Test
Hydro Static Pressure Test
ASTM D 1598
Short Term Hydro Static Pressure Test
ASTM D 1599
Axial Tensile Test
ASTM D 638 & ASTM D 2105
Hoop Tensile Test
ASTM D 2290
Pipe Stiffness
ASTM D 2412
Shear Strength Test
ASTM D 638
Glass Transition Temperature Test
ISO 11357-2
Loss on Ignition (Glass Content)
ASTM D 2584
Water Absorption Test
ASTM D 570
ASTM D 792
Hardness Test (GRE)
ASTM D 2583
Visual Inspection
ASTM D 2563
Dimensional Inspection
ASTM D 3567