CPI piping systems are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the international codes and standards such as; IS0 14692, PDO SP2092, AWWA M45, AWWA C950, BS 5480, BS 71 59, ASTM D4024, ASTM D3567, ASTM D2992, ASTM D2996, ASTM Dl 598, ASTM D l 599, API 15 HR and UKOOA. According to the combination of pressure, fluid temperature and specific project parameters, CPI technical department recommends the most suitable resin system to be used. The basic product range of pipes and fittings are available in three distinct resin systems.
Filament winding process

While excluding chop strand mats and sand fillers, only the continuous dual helix pattern winding process ensures the long lasting mechanical strength of glass fiber reinforced pipe systems.

As per ASTMD D 2996 standard, pipes are manufactured by filament winding of continuous fiberglass roving impregnated and saturated with resin on the outside of a rotating mandrel in a dual helix predetermined pattern and under controlled tension.


CPI standard pipes are manufactured in diameter ranging from 15 mm to 1400 mm, pressure pipes are classified according to nominal pressure

Diameter Range* (mm) Max. Pressure (bar) Underground Max. Pressure (bar) Aboveground Length (m)
15-40 70 70 2
50-80 70 70 6
100-150 70 70 9
200-300 70 45 9
350-450 60 5 9
500-600 45 30 9
700-800 18 18 9
900-1400 10 10 9


The different standard fittings are:

The Product Catalogue gives the following information:

CPI fittings are made by winding woven roving impregnated with resin on metal moulds or shells prepared from moulds or on mitered pipes, then fittings will be put in oven for curing.

Raw material, tolerances on dimension, mechanical and physical-chemical properties undergo stringent quality control at each step of pipes/fittings/spools production process.

Joining systems and pressures

CPI typically ottered range of sizes, joints and pressures are listed in the given table.

Type of Joint Size (mm) Pressure (Bar)
Adhesive bonded / Flange 25 - 150 Up to 70
200 - 250 Up to 65
300 - 450 Up to 45
Lamination / Flange 500 - 600 Up to 32
700 - 800 Up to 18
900 - 1400 Up to 10