Our Site Services Department offers an after-sales service to customers to provide site supervision technical assistance and installation of pipes supplied by CPI as well as those supplied by other manufacturers too.

We have our inhouse crew for the bonding of GRE/GRP/GRV pipes and fittings, welding of HDPE and carbon steel pipes and fittings.

Key factors for successful installation:-

1 . Component Qualification

a . Short Time Burst (STB) - ASTM - D 1599

b . Mostly adopted by API 15 (LR/HR) Includes Pipes, Fittings & Joints per size, Type & Pressure

c . Criteria: One minute survival of 4 times cycle rated pressure or 3 times static rated pressure.

2 . Medium Term - 1000 Hours Survival Test - ASTM - D 1598 Method:

a . Mostly Adapted by ISO 14692

b . Includes sector representatives full scale components (Pipes, Fittings and Joints).

c . 1000 Hours test pressure is calculated from a qualified pressure value (Pq) which is determined from the long term regression analysis. The value is usually between 2.2 - 2.8 times of rated pressure.

d . Test temperature is 65oC or design temp. whichever is greater.

e . Criteria: Component should survive for at least 1000 hours from the testing pressure and temperature.

3 . long Term Test - ASTM - D 2992

a . Two Procedures:

i . Cyclic (15 million cycles)

ii . Static (10,000 hours)

b . Test results are extrapolated by one decade 150 million cycles in procedure A and 100,000 hours in procedure B.

c . Applicable on small bore product.

d . Test duration 1.5 to 2 years.

e . Results are normally presented on Log - Log paper.

f . Output of Regression analysis:

g . Regression Gradient

h . Long Term Hydrostatic Stress (LTHS)